IAE has extensive experience in the field of turnkey complete industrial plant projects and systems implementations, as well as comprehensive automation solutions for entire manufacturing plants, or parts of such plants.

Electrical Installations
Electrical Installations

Industrial electrical installations according to international standards and best practices.

Panel Design and Manufacturing

Panel design and manufacturing according to IEC61346 and IEC60204.

PLC Programming
PLC Programming

Code development according to international batch standard ISA88 with unmatched customer satisfaction.

Process Design and CAD Drawings

Standardized process design and documentation according to ANSI/ISA 5.1.

Machine Overview Screen
SCADA and Network Topologies

Implementation of various topologies in line with customer needs and best practices, making use of latest technologies.

Turn Key Engineering Projects

Scoping, design, engineering, installation and commissioning in close cooperation with the customer.

Diesel Generators 5
Power Generation

Design, implementation and commissioning of power generation units.

Industrial Automation and Engineering are experts in industrial electrical installations according to recognized international standards, including the following:

  • Complete circuit diagram design in WSCAD according to IEC standards
  • Cable way layout and routing design in accordance with General Arrangement Plans (GAP’s) of customer plants in AutoCAD
  • Cabling design and cable rating calculation
  • Cabling installation and connection documentation according to IEC standards in WSCAD according to customer requirement, in hardcopy or on electronic media
  • Preparation of Bills Of Material (BOM’s)
  • Ordering of material, or submissions of BOM’s to third parties for material ordering
  • Supervision of cable way installation by mechanical contractors
  • Installation and binding of cabling on cable ways to the highest professional standards
  • Cable connection to local devices, control and power panels, including cable numbering, to recognized professional standards or as per customer requirements
  • Testing of all cable and wire connections

IAE specialize in the design and manufacture of automation and combined automation and power panels, including the following:

  • Complete circuit diagram design in WSCAD including documentation to IEC standards
  • Panel component layout design in AutoCAD to the highest professional standards
  • Compilation of Bills Of Material (BOM’s)
  • Ordering of materials, or submission of BOM’s to third parties for ordering materials
  • Installation of components and wiring, including component and terminal identification to the highest professional workmanship standards and IEC standards
  • Testing of each wire connection to exclude all wiring faults and minimize installation time in the field
  • Preparation of complete documentation according to customer requirements in hardcopy or on electronic media

IAE are experts in programming of various kinds of PLC’s to international professional standards. We do the following work:

  • Prepare Input/Output (I/O) lists from Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s)
  • PLC hardware designs according to our in-house developed systems
  • Software system design according to process descriptions supplied, and according to professional programming standards and systems
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) design and integration with PLC programs
  • Industrial network design for multi-PLC control and automation systems
  • Design and program dedicated simulation software for workshop testing of PLC programs and networks
  • Test PLC, network and HMI systems comprehensively with simulation programs in order to facilitate extremely short commissioning times on site
  • Install, test and commission PLC programs, networks and HMI systems on site
  • Submit complete documentation to recognized standards, including operating instructions, to customer requirement in hardcopy or on electronic media
  • Analyse customer PLC programs and make modifications according to customer requirements

IAE have extensive experience in the food and beverage industry with regard to engineering process design and execution. We can offer the following services:

  • Scoping and documentation of process systems in cooperation with customer
  • General Arrangement Plans (GAP’s) for process equipment layouts in AutoCAD
  • Design and drafting of P&ID’s in AutoCAD to recognized standards and customer requirements
  • 3-Dimensional (3-D) scaled process piping and cable way design in AutoCAD to facilitate super fast installation
  • 3-D scaled high precision detail process equipment manufacturing drawings in AutoCAD to enable fast and error free manufacturing
  • Preparation of cut-out part views of global drawings to facilitate multi-construction team utilization on one site, for extremely fast construction execution times
  • Complete as-built drawings and documentation in hard copy and electronic format to customer requirements, to facilitate easy plant extensions at a later stage based on as-built drawings

IAE are experts in the scoping, design, programming, documentation, installation and commissioning of complex integrated multi-workstation Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), multi-server systems and industrial network topologies, including the following:

  • Scoping and design of SCADA workstation and server schematic layouts according to customer requirements
  • Planning and design of SCADA workstation graphics and functionality
  • Scoping, planning and design of multi-server computer systems to fulfil various functions in accordance with customer requirements, such as trending, reporting, tracking and tracing, recipe handling, quality assurance, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) analysis, etc.
  • Planning and design of network topologies to support complex SCADA multi-workstation and multi-server systems, and connecting to multi-PLC control and automation systems
  • Programming, configuration and implementation of integrated SCADA, server, networking and PLC systems
  • Workshop testing of individual functional units of SCADA, server, networking and PLC systems in an organized and systematic way according to established proven procedures
  • Workshop integration testing and cold commissioning of complete systems
  • Migration of workshop tested system to field environment, field testing and commissioning
  • Supply of comprehensive documentation to customer requirements and recognized standards in hardcopy or on electronic media

IAE have extensive experience and expertise in a very wide range of multidisciplinary engineering projects in different industries, and can offer turn key project services as follows:

  • Project scoping in cooperation with the customer
  • Investigation and analysis of various project alternatives, and recommendations on preferred solutions
  • Preparation of project feasibility studies and making recommendations on preferred project alternatives
  • Drawing up of specifications for tendering purposes
  • Tender evaluation and recommendations on supplier selection
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Compilation of comprehensive project plans in Microsoft Project
  • Assistance with compilation of project team
  • Project management and supervision in accordance with project plan, including progress reporting
  • Performance testing at project completion, including handover, according to specification
  • Follow-up on project performance after handover
  • Periodic reporting on project performance after handover compared to specification until release of final payment

IAE has substantial experience and expertise in the power generation sector covering the design, implementation and commissioning of power plants:

  • Design, implementation and commissioning of switch gear.
  • Off grid backup power generation units.
  • Synchronisation of multiple power generation units for single distribution.
  • Grid synchronization of power generation units.
  • Automation refurbishment of large scale national grid power generating units.